When To Use a Safe Savings Rate Plan

Safe Savings Rate plans are great for clients that are saving to meet a future goal - especially if those savings to represent a good chunk of the money that will fund that goal. In other words, Safe Savings Rate plans are for folks who are in the accumulation phase, and not the decumulation phase of their lives.


What is a Safe Savings Rate Plan?

Safe Savings Rate plans are a new type of financial plan that focuses on two crucial issues: how much should your clients save, and how will your distributions change over time. Planning should focus on what we can actually control, and also recognize the realities of how distributions move through time.


Find Out How Much Your Clients Should Save with inStream's Safe Savings Rate Plan

inStream’s Safe Savings Rate Plan solves the most fundamental question for most clients – how much do I need to save? For younger clients, this is the factor that determines if they will meet their goals. If they save enough, a lot of problems simply go away, but if they don’t save enough, the money simply is not there. Aside from helping clients focus on what they can actually control, the Safe Savings Rate plan is designed to help advisors contextualize planning for their clients, and incorporate the dynamic nature of distributions.


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