New Enhancements added to inStream August 2015 - Financial Plan Scenario Matrix


Announcing the Release of New Enhancements to the inStream Platform

inStream is proud to announce the release of exciting new enhancements to our platform.  We have added the following new features and enhancements:  key dates, scenario matrix, and RMDs.

Key Dates

Set a Retirement and Life Expectancy date to allow for easier adjustment to plans and different scenarios.

Allows for quicker updates when client wants to see sensitivity to retirement or mortality ages.

When there is a change to target dates in profile, then all other dates change in the plan affecting goals/income/contributions/allocations/taxes.


Scenario Matrix

Create a matrix of 9 plans comparing two variables illustrating the impact of the changes.

Variables include: retirement date, mortality date, income, contributions, or goals.

Illustrate the effect of retiring earlier or later while also modeling different levels of spending.



inStream now calculates Required Minimum Distributions on a per client basis rather than household level

With the RMD calculations being done on a per client basis the accuracy in the analysis improved

Plan information

Created date and modified date now available on plan view


If you are interested in seeing a demo please register

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We are pleased to offer more innovation and improvements for advisor use.


To see inStream in action:

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