Financial planning for different scenarios

Collaborative Financial planning tools

inStream offers advisors the ability to collaborate with clients when finding the ideal financial plan. 

Plan comparison tool 

The plan comparison tool allows the advisor to compare multiple plans on the screen. All of the variables are available for editing.  

  • amount
    • contributions
    • income
    • goals
  • date
    • expected mortality date
    • projected retirement date
  • investments
    • inflation assumption
    • portfolio allocation
    • expected returns
    • standard deviation
  • tax classification   
    • marginal tax rate module
    • effective tax rate module

Compare side by side to show the effect that changing variables has on each plan. Take a closer look at "what if" scenarios.  


Financial Plan Scenario Matrix

Create a matrix of 9 different financial plans at once while comparing two variables illustrating the impact of the changes.

Variables include: retirement date, mortality date, income, contributions, or goals.

Present the effect of retiring earlier or later, model different levels of spending, savings, or income to the client. 


These collaborative tools can be used during a webinar, in person on a desktop, or offsite through use of tablet.  


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